Thank You!

I started Liberty at the Movies as a way to provide entertaining and educating articles for liberty lovers to read and share with their friends. I also started it because I wanted to improve my skills as a writer, learn how to create a website, and teach myself discipline by consistently creating content.  In that spirit I applied to Praxis, an exclusive education and skill development program that takes you from zero to a well paying startup job in 9 months.

Praxis is an amazing program and they would be crazy not to charge a tuition. I needed help with the tuition and I reached out to my friends and family through a GoFundMe campaign. I am so grateful for their support. This page is a giant “THANK YOU!” to everyone who donated to my campaign.

My Supporters

Chris Harelson
Thomas Bogle
Shannon Carlson
Katie Thames
Garrett McClintock
Andrew Jones
Amandah Hendricks
Alex N
Andre Jones
Sonja Johansen
Jack Urquhart
Kelli Buxton
Jen and Steve Call
Ashleigh Son
Rita Shelton
If you would like to help support me and add your name to this list click here, or on the Praxis “P” below.