Movies and TV

Film Theorists

The Film Theorists is one of my favorite YouTube channels. They regularly produce videos that suggest seemingly crazy theories about movies and TV shows, and then back up their claims with facts, both from the real world and from the movies and TV shows they’re talking about. One of my personal favorites is about Zootopia and the crack cocaine epidemic of the 80’s.



Wisecrack’s YouTube channel has several hilarious series that are dedicated to entertaining but also educating. Here are a couple Wisecrack Series that I am absolutely hooked on.

Thug Notes

Gangster host Sparky Sweets PhD  breaks down both classic and modern literature in his OG style. This one really lives up to it’s catch phrase; Classic Literature, Original Gangster.

Wisecrack Edition

This series dives deep, and I mean DEEP, into the philosophy, psychology, satire, history, and science of your favorite TV shows, movies, and video games.



Screen Junkies has a number of great YouTube series, the most popular of which by far is Honest Trailers, in which they make trailers for movies and TV and tell you honestly (and hilariously) what you should really expect from them.