Maeby Fünke Landed Her Dream Job and So can You!

nullMaeby Fünke is the most rebellious character on the show Arrested Development. Her rebellion leads her to do a host of different things, from kissing her cousin, to going to mexico with her uncle. At one point she sneaks onto a movie set and accidentally lands herself a job as a film executive, despite the fact that she hasn’t even graduated high school.Maeby, now a high powered film exec, delegates her homework and other tasks to her underlings, who are often much older than she is. She even gets to drive the company car even though she doesn’t even have a driver’s license. This may seem like a situation that could only happen to someone who’s a part of the ever-ridiculous Bluth family, but there are ways to bypass the traditional path  (i.e. a four year degree followed by spamming your resume out to companies hoping you win the jackpot, and land a job you don’t hate).

Diana Zitting is the Director of Sales at a startup called MailLift that writes handwritten notes and letters on behalf of businesses. When she came on board she increased recurring revenues tenfold, and she’s in charge of hiring, and training new sales staff. Why do I mention all this? Because Diana Zitting is also a High School drop-out with nothing more than a GED, oh yeah, and she’s only 18 years old! Diana got to where she is today through an apprenticeship program run by Praxis, a company that takes a real “learn-by-doing” approach to building real-world skills.

In the Praxis program, people like Diana, who are tired of more school, that does little to nothing to prepare you for the professional world, go through a 3 month professional boot camp that helps you build the skills and habits that will make you successful in the business world. After the professional boot camp, you are placed in a 6 month apprenticeship doing valuable work for a startup. Did I mention that the apprenticeship is a full-time paid position? And to top all of that off, after you complete your apprenticeship you are offered a job with an minimum salary of $40,000 a year (the average graduate salary is $50,000 a year).

Just like Maeby Fünke, Praxis participants are getting into jobs students sitting behind a desk are daydreaming about. They are building real skills and creating value for exciting companies. This is the way of the future, and I believe that so much that I sent in my application last week. If you are sick of sitting in classrooms and burying yourself under a mountain of debt just to get a four year degree that is worth less and less each year, then start your application with Praxis right now.

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