Liberty Classroom


One of the best investments in my lifelong pursuit of learning has been Tom Wood’s Liberty Classroom. Tom is one of my heroes, and this site is one of the reasons why. These courses have been a great way to learn about economics, history, western civilization, and a host of other topics. One of the best things about it is the convenience of downloading the courses and listening to it in the car, doing yard work, cleaning the house, etc.

My personal favorites are the courses covering American History, taught by Brion McClanahan , Kevin Gutzman, and Tom Woods himself! You can be sure that these guys are knowledgeable because they’ve all been hand-picked by Tom.

So far they’ve got 16 courses and they’re always adding more stuff. In addition they’ve got message boards so that you can ask the instructors questions as well as live question and answer sessions once a month.

Liberty Classroom is a great resource for anyone seeking to pursue knowledge. Check it out Here!

Don’t want to take my word for it? Here’s Dr. Tom Woods himself to explain a little more about his Liberty Classroom.