Liberty at the Movies

LATM is an attempt to glean from popular movies important principles connected with freedom, whether that be personal or economic freedom.

Warner Bros. Studios
Warner Bros. Studios

I was inspired to start LATM after noticing that there had been several movies released with pro-liberty themes and had seen several blog posts dedicated to them. After seeing numerous blog posts illustrating libertarian principles through movies I said that someone should start a blog doing just that. I then decided that someone could be me.


I live with my wife in Orem, Utah, and love the landscape here. I am an avid motorcyclist as well as life-long learner. I am a Mormon and consider my faith to be a central part of my belief in human freedom (a subject that I feel is too often misunderstood among my coreligionists). I describe myself as a liberal, meaning that I favor a maximum of liberty.


I grew increasingly interested in Libertarianism as it was explained to me by my then roommate. It was 2012 and President Obama had just signed the NDAA 2012 which authorized the President to detain anyone, IMG_0307including US citizens without a trial. It was something that I knew was not right, but I could not explain why it was not right. It was then that I decided to read a book that my roommate had been recommending to me; The Law by Frédéric Bastiat. I loved it, Bastiat’s writing was thoughtful, interesting, humorous, but also it was consistent.  The Law was just the gateway for me to a number of other books that further clarified a consistent framework for personal liberty. I continue to read and learn and revise my world view in response to my newly-found knowledge.